Democratizing open-source AI to solve real user problems

Our mission is to build, commercialize, and open source components and tools that make it easy for developers and users to develop AI agents to solve real-world use cases.

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Studio is an alternative to the status quo.

Our guiding notion of AI is communal: an intelligence that looks not to replace human intelligence but rather augment it cooperatively. We believe that there is no contradiction between building useful technology and promoting social good.

Building with others

Of the many potential futures for AI, we want to realize one that is grounded in communities, openness, and trustworthiness.

We believe technology should be designed for communities first and foremost – and that these should be able to trust and shape their own experiences with technology. Technological systems should strive for standards of trust and reliability, similar to those found in long-standing engineering disciplines.

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We design for human and machine collaboration

We fundamentally believe in human agency: ours is a paradigm for augmenting human intelligence rather than replacing it artificially.

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If you're passionate about the potential of artificial intelligence, committed to building for good and believe in open-source, we’d love to hear from you.

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